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Task Management

Our Mac CRM Platform will help You Close Deals, Hit Your Targets and Complete Tasks on Time

Task management

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Key Task Management Features


Categorize and manage all your tasks in one place. View your tasks by due date, or tasks that are coming due. You can also view tasks by priority or even review the ones you have completed.


All good task management starts with an idea. We give you some really nice tools to save you time when entering in notes. Instead of typing in your notes, just use the voice-to-text dictation feature.


We make it really easy to view all the tasks that you are working on. View your tasks by category, status or use the calendar and see which tasks are on your schedule.

Complete Your Important Tasks by Priority On-Time

Let's be honest. We are all busy! Keeping track of what needs to get done is not easy! Let Gro CRM help you complete your long list of tasks. That's why we are here.

Gro CRM Task Management
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