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Overview of Tasks

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Task are simple, they are things you need to do. They can be followups with a lead or client, an internal project to complete, a contract to write, etc.

New Tasks

The New tasks section lists any tasks that are due today, which includes just things you need to do, as well as followups you need to make with your contacts. Click on the Today folder to view the list of tasks. If the folder is greyed out, no tasks are due today.

Task Types

There are two task types:

  1. To Do - something you need to get done. They can be attached to a contact or just be a general task you need to complete.
  2. Followups - a list of contacts you need to followup with. Followups also appear as their own convenient Followup icon in your navigation bar, providing an easy-to-use followup queue to get those calls made in a hurry.
Task Labels

Labels group your tasks by different criteria so you can quickly and easily find the task you are looking for. If a folder is greyed out, no tasks fall within that folder's criteria.

Labels include:

  1. All Due. All tasks not yet completed.
  2. Past Due. All tasks not completed by their due date.
  3. High. Tasks flagged with a high priority.
  4. Medium. Tasks flagged with a medium priority.
  5. Low. Tasks flagged with a low priority.
  6. Completed. All tasks that have been completed.

The Favorite section lists any contacts you've marked as a favorite. Click the Like folder to view all favorites.

To mark a task as a favorite:

  1. Navigate to the desired task.
  2. Click on the gray heart icon to the right of the task name. Once the task is marked as a favorite, it will turn red. Click it again to un-mark as a favorite.
  3. Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the screen to save your changes.
Delete/Restore Addon

Note: this will only appear if the Undelete add-on feature is active. The Delete sections shows a list of all tasks that have been previously deleted. Click on the Restore folder to view the list.

To restore a previously deleted task:

  1. Click on the Restore folder.
  2. Click on the Edit button in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the red icon to the left of any task, then click the Delete button that appears to the right.

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