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Opportunity Management

Our Mac CRM Platform will Increase Your Win Rates and Fill Your Pipeline with New Deals

opportunity management and deals

Close More Deals with Gro CRM

Key Opportunity and Deal Features


Manage all your deals in one convenient place. Have multiple deals with the same contact or account, no problem. Get a 360 view of your potential revenue in a quick glance.


We all know how tags work and we love them. Gro CRM allows you to tag your contacts so you can easily search or sort them down into a neat little list. This is super useful.


We know you care about your hot deals and want to see them front and center. Gro CRM helps you ABC (Always Be Closing) by keeping track of your hot deals right on our dashboard.

Win More Business and Become a Top Performer

Does your team know their ABC's? Always Be Closing! Deals are not handed out. Don't be a sheep. You have to work for them! Be a shark, suit up and close more sales with Gro CRM.

Gro CRM Opportunites and Deals
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