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CRM for IT Mananger

A Mac CRM Platform that was Built Around Security, Privacy and Compliance

Mac CRM software solution for IT managers

Apple-Based CRM For IT Managers

A Mac CRM platform built just for your IT professionals

When technologies at your company are all running smoothly, you look good. No one is calling and complaining that the company’s Mac CRM isn’t working. Gro CRM for iPhone and iPad maintains and guarantees a 99.99% uptime so you don’t find yourself scrambling like you did when your antiquated system failed. Your team is happy that things are running smoothly and you are not constantly being interrupted about technology issues. Our server architecture is completely redundant across the board. Meaning, even if one, two or three servers fail, our system stays active and accessible.

Key Mac CRM security features for IT teams

As an IT Professional, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest security standards. Gro CRM goes beyond industry standards providing AES 256-bit SSL software encryption. We use pinned SSL Certificates to validate the server trust between our servers and your iOS devices. Plus, all data is encrypted and transmitted over private encrypted isolated networks. We also support Apple TouchID and 1Password for even more secure login options. You and the rest of your IT Team can rest easy knowing your company’s data is safe and secure with Gro CRM.

Why choose Gro CRM for your company’s secure CRM platform

Gro CRM not only provides the highest level of security of any Mac CRM, it provides guaranteed uptime as well. You can trust your Apple devices to be reliable with Gro CRM. Plus, setup is easy and configuration is easy. Gro CRM requires iOS 10 or later and a broadband or 3G or faster mobile network. Download the CRM app from the Apple App Store and log in using each user’s assigned login information. The Gro CRM platform is one that you and your sales force will love!

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