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Powerful tools, clean design, intuitive interface, great reporting tools. Couple minor issues that are easy to get around. Especially love the dial-out feature.

by 2Mellens55   Gro CRM App Icon v1.0   USA Flag Icon USA

These guys are going places.

This app is better than all the previous CRM's I've tried- combined. The interface is top notch and the features are outstanding. I've invested a lot of money trying to identify the ideal CRM for my business and GroCRM is far superior to anything. It manages my pipeline well. I am thoroughly impressed.

by Momb56   Gro CRM App Icon v1.0   USA Flag Icon USA

Simple Setup

I just purchased this app and within 5 minutes I had all my contacts imported from Apple Contacts, my email setup and my monthly sales goals configured. Looking forward to the future with this app.

by Chris18332   Gro CRM App Icon v1.0   USA Flag Icon USA

Full- Features CRM app

This is the first CRM we have used that that does not compromise on features when it comes to mobile devices. We have used many CRM’s and non of them come even close to this app! This is the best mobile CRM we have ever used and our sales team just loves it!

by 020117   Gro CRM App Icon v1.0   USA Flag Icon USA


I'm so excited about this new app! It's been such a great tool for managing my business. I deal with both individual clients and company clients and I've been searching FOREVER for a mobile app that can manage both. Gro CRM does it perfectly! I give it an A+

by sales_closer   Gro CRM App Icon v1.0   USA Flag Icon USA

Don't let the simple interface fool you

This app is packed with a lot of really useful tools to help me followup with prospects. I really like how you can organize your contacts based on where they are in the sales process and the dial-out integration with the iPhone to make calls is fantastic. So far it’s made a positive impact on my efficiency!

by MacDanica   Gro CRM App Icon v1.0   USA Flag Icon USA

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