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Gro CRM, The Award Winning Top Rated Small Business Mac CRM App for Apple iPhone and iPad

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Top Rated App Store CRM Reviews

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First-rate Contact Management App

I have used many CRMs and Contact Management apps over the years and I must say Gro CRM does contact management on another level! This company knows what there doing. If you need the ultimate contact management app go download Gro CRM today!

by Thorthamme_92tx   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Crazy about this CRM!

Love all the features of their Pro Edition CRM! This is a really powerful crm app!!! If you need a crm solution I would suggest you go download Gro CRM today.

by Lina L. Williams   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

I use this app because app well app it's awesome!

I start out with leads in the morning, follow it up with some more tasks in the afternoon, and finish off my day with a whole heap of sales (money!!!) to keep me laser focused on my biz. Why? Because it's awesome!

by Imme1984   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Powerful Custom Fields!!!

Absolutely love the new custom fields!!! You guys did this right! So many options and the custom fields works flawlessly! I have been looking for a CRM with really good customization for a while now. So glad I found your app!

by LilySearle_MN   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Hands Down Best CRM App I Have Used

Yeah best CRM app I have used! Love the look and feel! So many features, and very customizable!

by MelissaBrowne190   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

The Gold Standard for CRM Apps

I have tried many, many CRM app over the years and this one is by far the most powerful CRMs I have ever used. The Gro CRM Pro Edition is pretty much an enterprise level all-in-one solution similar to SalesForce, Zoho CRM or Zendesk Sell.

by David Ford 90   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Gro CRM Gave Me A Huge Productivity Boost!!

I have been using Gro CRM for a few months now and I am really happy with it. The CRM system is really easy to use once you get it all setup. Their support team was very helpful answering questions and helping me understand how to fit my business into a CRM app. Overall I have experienced a huge productivity boost since using Gro CRM!

by Royal K. Negron   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

You Need this CRM, Like Right Meow!!

We highly recommend Gro CRM!! We were using an ad-hock system to manage our business and sales. We were in dire need of a CRM system to help us get organized and be more productive! We found Gro CRM. Their CRM app has changed our way of thinking about running our business. Wow what a difference Gro CRM has made on our business. Thanks!

by Elga Coniff   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Our Sales Team Just Love this CRM!

One of the most powerful and easy to use CRM ever! I have used many Customer Relationship Management systems in the past and this one is by far the best I have ever used! Gro CRM is a brilliant CRM platform especially if you are an Apple user! Gro CRM has a load of features that will help you work smarter, be more productive and win more business just like their website says!

by Una C Berg   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Greatest CRM I have used, period!

Just downloaded Gro CRM and I just think it’s great! It’s the best CRM app I have used so far for managing contact, leads, and prospects! If you are in sales this is the CRM app for you!

by Micaela Tench   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Why we choose Gro CRM

Here is why our small team choose Gro CRM over the competition. It has every feature we were looking for, simple workflow, great pricing, amazing support and more!! Just a good crm platform all around.

by Ursuline Bairstow   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Amazing CRM for closers!

Amazing CRM app!! Gro CRM has a real good handle on what customers are looking for in a crm app!

by Ruthann Lawther   Gro CRM App Icon v2.5   USA Flag Icon USA

Intuitive CRM app, Low cost!

From the moment I used Gro CRM, I fell in love with it. Their CRM is so intuitive and easy to use. My productivity has increased in the short time I have been using this app. I am happy to call myself a Gro CRM customer.

by Cameron Colhoun   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.4   USA Flag Icon USA

I’m Another Daylite Switcher

We have been with Daylite for 5+ years and have been looking for a replacement for a while now. There were just no options in the the Apple CRM market. We found Gro CRM and they are the replacement we have been looking for!!! The Gro CRM platform is modern and full of features! We are super happy to be a Gro CRM customer!

by george paddington   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.4   USA Flag Icon USA

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