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Gro CRM, The Award Winning Top Rated Small Business Mac CRM App for Apple iPhone and iPad

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Top Rated App Store CRM Reviews

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No delete button for calendar

Good app, but there’s no way to customize the screens to your liking color wise like in the photos, and the calendar is messed up as it submits the event as one day in the future and there’s no way to delete events on iPhone.

by Tyrone26&?   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Love Your Apple Watch CRM!!!

I absolutely love your Apple Watch CRM!! I use this all the time when I am on the go along with my iPhone! Love it!!

by Melina.0   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Brilliant app

This app has helped our small business grow and we have had the best experience connecting to our customers easily with the help of this app, really one of the best apps I've tried so far.

by Kin.36   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Good CRM with Lots of Features

Gro CRM is a very good CRM with so many good features!

by Di NapoliMyatt   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

CRM we use everyday!

I use this app every day along with my sales team. We switched to Gro CRM from Pipedrive CRM about a month ago. Our team has been very, very happy with the Gro CRM platform! Our team was on a mission to find a CRM built just for Apple users and guess what, we found it! Gro CRM!

by angelica.kilback   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Outstanding support!!

5-Star support all the way! The Gro CRM support team was the reason I choose them. They helped me every step of the way in setting up my new CRM.

by Black-Plum   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Better than Salesforce!

Gro CRM is a way better choice for small teams than Salesforce. The price to performance ratio of the Gro CRM platform is just so great! If you are a small team on Salesforce, I would suggest you check out Gro CRM. We did and switched!

by Mary D Roberge   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Sales Team Left HubSpot for Gro CRM!

We decided to leave Hubspot as the system was buggy and just not a very good system at all. We went on a quest looking for a new CRM platform and settled on Gro CRM after trying about 5 or 6 top CRM solutions. What we liked about Gro CRM was their features and price! We also really love their support which helped us time and time again for free. It would seem that this company cares a lot about the businesses they are bringing on-board as customers. I was shocked at the level of hand-holding they did with us instead of just trying to sell to us! Amazing product, but even more amazing company!

by Connie R Wright   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Super Slick CRM App!

This CRM is super modern and slick! It does not feel like the old CRM system of the past! Looking for a leader in the CRM space? Look no further than Gro CRM! Great CRM app!!!

by Selby Haine   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Great All-in-One CRM App!

If you are looking to manage your leads, create invoices, create purchase orders, close deals, manage your tasks, then look no further! Gro CRM is an all-in-one business app that will manage your entire business!

by de.Almeida   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Another Insightly CRM Switcher!

We were tired of all the issues with Insightly so we jumped ship to Gro CRM. We were looking for another small business CRM and Gro CRM just seems to stand out. We have been using the system for about 3 weeks now and are very happy!

by Storr.   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Just An Amazing CRM!!!!!!!!!!!

Been using Gro CRM for a while now. You will not find a better CRM with the price/performance ratio that Gro CRM offers. Just an amazing business tool!

by Crook.shanks   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Worth every penny!! Awesome CRM!!

Gro CRM has been worth every penny we spent on it. This CRM platform has made our team more organized, more efficient, and more profitable! Gro CRM is really easy to use while having all these really high-end features you only see in CRMs charging over $200/user.

by Venditti.   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

First Customer Relationship Management app

Gro CRM is my first Customer Relationship Management app. It was a scary idea, moving all my contact data into a CRM! Sophia from Gro CRM helped me out every step of the way and made the process so comfortable. She took the time and answered all my questions. She also helped me import my data into the system. There was a big learning curve for me since I am new to a CRM app. I picked up how the app worked really quickly. Now that I have been using the app for few weeks I would never go back to the way I was doing things (Apple Contacts, Notes and Excel Spreadsheets). Thanks Sophia for all the help!!!

by Mee.45   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

Switched from Cloze. Super happy!

We were using Cloze and need more than just a contact and email client which is what Cloze really is. Gro CRM has a way better contact management piece to their CRM and they also have built-in email client along with

by Scoggans   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

The One!!

I have been completely impressed with Gro CRM after trying at least 10 other CRM apps on the app store. Gro CRM was the best CRM we tested out of the bunch. The reviews seems to be very accurate. You guys have another happy customer!! Keep up the good work!

by Guilliland   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.7   USA Flag Icon USA

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