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Increased clients!

Our dental team recently decided to try a contact app, alternate to what our dental software offers. We were having difficulty tracking various appointment types, treatment plans, and billing. The switch to Gro CRM was exactly what we were hoping for. We now have the ability to customize our client lists into the various treatment types, and more thoroughly track insurance payments and billing. Any change to the “usual” procedures, can be daunting for a smaller office, such as ours; but our entire staff has actually embraced this change, and appreciates how smoothly this change-over occurred. After only a few weeks, we have already noticed an increase in clients scheduling their recommended treatment; and the accounts receivable boost that follows. Definitely recommend this app for any small business.

by Kathryn_Block_92   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Contact Nirvana!

This is what contact Nirvana looks like! They have every option under the sun for managing and contacts! BTW love the dark look guys! I have been trying for a long time to find a contact app that would fit my workflow and my needs. I jumped from contact app to contact app looking for a solution I liked. Until now, I could not find a contact app that had all the features I wanted! All the other apps I tried required me to give up features I wanted, or change how I do things. That was until I started using Gro CRM! your app is truly is contact Nirvana!

by Garrett889   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Freaking love custom folders!

Most of the contact apps I have used in the past, did not allow for much customization. I love the ability to create my own folders, and track customer information in the exact way that is most helpful to my business. I have been using the Pro Edition for several months now; and am STILL finding new and helpful features!!

by Roscoe A. Howard   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

So easy to use

Great app for my business! I love how powerful and easy the contacts are to use!!

by Heaver87   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Super Duper Support!

The support is just amazing! They answered all my questions and sent me screenshots on how to do things that I asked about. So helpful! I can not say enough good things about their support team! I am not sure if I would have stayed with the CRM if it was not for the support? When choosing a CRM the support you received is just as important and the system it self. Now that I have the system setup I have not needed any additional help. However the support team does check in from time to time to see if I need any assistance :-) Love that!

by Wilma Cormier   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Sooooo Worth It!

My husband and I started a home-based business about a year ago; and have been successfully managing our customer information, on our own, up to this point. We realized the need for a more professional method for tracking contact information, and order histories; and started looking for an app that would help us stay organized, while we continue to grow our business. We could not be happier with the Gro CRM app, and how friendly the support staff have been, both during the initial setup; but also while we are still learning all of the functions this app can provide for us going forward. Our only regret, is that we did not pursue this earlier!!

by Edyth27   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Another Fan!

I run a small business, and have tried other client-tracking apps in the past. I have an abundance of information, for each client, that I need to be able to sort quickly, and also to make additions/changes, as my client needs fluctuate. I was hesitant to make a switch, and worried a bit about how difficult it might be to transfer all my information over to a new database. The customer service team was SO helpful; and the setup was as smooth and problem-free as I could have hoped!! Thank you, Gro CRM!

by Arthur Lowe   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

My Most Used App

Super-custom this app can become anything you need it to be! I am constantly changing the type of client information I track, and how I want it formatted. The pro edition lets me do this very easily; and the customer service team has responded quickly, when I have had questions. This app has quickly become the one tool that I find most useful, in running my mid-sized business. My support staff has found it fairly seamless, to utilize the app, for their various purposes.

by Laura S. Williams   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Just Outstanding!

One of the most positive impacts on my small business so far!

by Obving2000   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

A Proper CRM

This is a proper CRM to manage your contacts and run your business. I choose the pro edition because I wanted some of there higher end features such as Auto History Tracking. This feature allows me to see every change that has been made to a contact or deal! I do not have to enter in the information the system takes care of everything for me and create history notes for me! I also love there custom contact folders, I did not have to try to fit my workflow into a generic CRM setup, I was able to setup my contacts and workflow for my business! The last feature I use all the time is there customized fields, this is almost too powerful! It can be a bit complex to setup because of all the options they give you, but once setup up, you can forget about it and it just works flawlessly!

by HarryThatcher   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Indispensable tool

I started a new business and was looking for a contact management app or CRM to help me get organized. I found Gro CRM and it has become an Indispensable tool for me an my business!

by Enbad1996   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Totally worth it!!!

This app is worth every penny! I am more organized, more productive and growing my business thanks to Gro CRM! I should have used this app a long time ago. So glad I found it!

by Calista Turcotte   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Humongous Productivity Boost!

Gro CRM has been a big productivity boost for our organization. We started using their CRM platform about a month ago and we have seen a humongous increase in overall productivity through our organization in all departments. It took us about a week or two to get our people using the app. After that initially setup period things have been really smooth! We think their app and support team are just awesome!

by Kale Goldner   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Left then came back!

I tried Gro CRM about 6 months ago and decided to choose another CRM app because they gave me a small discount to subscribe (Bad Idea on my part). I ended up having a horrible experience with that other CRM vendor (who I will not name)!! I finally got my data out of that other CRM app and went back to Gro CRM. The Gro CRM support team helped me migrate all my data from the other CRM to theirs, thanks guys! I have been using Gro CRM for 4 weeks now and could not be happier! Support also gave me a discount when I told them my story!!

by Justine P. Perry   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

Smooth Setup

I've been using the Gro CRM app for a couple of months now; and have to say that it has made the BIGGEST difference in the way I can track and update my client information. I have tried a couple of other contact applications; but none of them really offered the ability to manage client information in the exact way that would be most helpful to me. I started with the Basic edition, but quickly realized the value of bumping up to the Pro edition. I can fully customize my client information in the way that suits my business style. Anyone wanting to manage their client/contact information, OTHER than in the generic format of other apps, should absolutely consider the Gro CRM Pro Edition.

by Gregg O'Reilly   Gro CRM App Icon v2.7.4   USA Flag Icon USA

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