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Insanely good CRM app

Gro CRM is an insanely good CRM app! Very happy with this all-in-one CRM!

by nader.tara   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.2   USA Flag Icon USA

Top Rated CRM for iPhone and iPad

I have been using your CRM for a few weeks now and I really like it! My business is way more organized! I am already seeing the results and benefits of using a CRM for my business!

by ncormier77   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.2   USA Flag Icon USA

Big Fan of your CRM App!!

Been using your CRM for about 3 months now and I am a huge fan of your platform! You guys just seem to get how to build a CRM for apple users. Also thanks to your support team for all the help getting setup!

by dakotAFOODLVR   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.2   USA Flag Icon USA

Bye Bye Daylite CRM!!

We switched from Daylite and are super happy with did so! Just read the review from other customers! We have been unhappy with daylite for years! We have been looking for an Apple-based replacement and until recently there were none! Gro CRM has just been a pleasure to use! It works, bugs get fixed, new features are added and they actually help you get setup with their CRM!

by jmarquardttt   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Award Winning CRM

Gro CRM has a multitude of friendly built-in features. I have used many business apps and CRM over the years and they have never really impressed me. Most look horrible and work even worst. Gro CRM is the exception to this rule. Super friendly, beautiful design, easy workflows, ton of features, and really really really good support! No wonder this CRM has won a bunch of awards.

by sanford.jocelyn   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Business Card Scanner is just sic!

Just started using Gro CRM. I subscribed to there Pro Edition with the business card scanner add-on. Their business card scanner is just sic! Take a picture and about 2 minutes later your business card contact is in Gro CRM! They use real human to transcribe the cards so the quality of the contact information is always right! Not like some of those old OCR based systems. Gro CRM has made making my business trips so much easier thanks to this feature! Gro CRM is not only a great CRM, but it’s the best contact management app I have ever used!

by BraChesterton   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.1   USA Flag Icon USA

We dumped Insightly for Gro CRM

We have been using Insighly CRM for a little over a year now and we were just not happy at all. We tried about 5 other CRM system and we found that for the price and features Gro CRM was the best choice! Our team has been switched over and overall we are very happy with our choice. The Gro CRM support team helped us import our data which was a huge help, they also helped up get the system configured for our business. If you do not know this already, Gro CRM is super customizable!

by GarriLindberg   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Perfect CRM for our team

Gro CRM turned out to be the perfect CRM for our 10 person team. Overall just a great app with great support! It’s really easy to manage your contacts and leads! Our team is already way more organized within just a few days! big win for us!

by AlrCockburn   Gro CRM App Icon v2.4.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Another Daylite Switcher

We have been using Daylite for 3 years now and it’s been painful!!! Nothing but broken promises and bug after bug. We have been looking for another Apple based CRM and we found it! If you are using Daylite you really should check out Gro CRM, it’s everything you will ever want in a CRM solution (Desktop version coming in 2019!!). They listen to there customers, they add features, they fix issues, and there support is really helpful!

by Lon Cleveryyyy   Gro CRM App Icon v2.3   USA Flag Icon USA

Our team switched from Daylite CRM

Our team switched from Daylite CRM and everyone is really happy with Gro CRM!!! This CRM was made for small business teams like ours! We are really happy to be leaving Daylite after 5 years!!

by elouise42   Gro CRM App Icon v2.3   USA Flag Icon USA

Territory Management??

Maybe I missed something but does Gro CRM support territory management? This is a feature our team needs.

by LaGrysSSSSSSSS   Gro CRM App Icon v2.3   USA Flag Icon USA

Good App overall

Although I’ve just started using Gro CRM, I’m pleased with it’s overall capabilities. I do have some suggestions for your Tasks: 1) Loose the “time” portion of the Task Due Date. Perhaps have separate fields for Date and Time. Normally, I don’t give a “time” to a task due date... just a date. 2) Group and Sort Tasks by - Past Due Tasks - Today’s Tasks - Future Tasks

by ChrisD-Canton   Gro CRM App Icon v2.3   USA Flag Icon USA

Best CRM for iPhone Xs Max!!!!!!

Gro CRM looks and works great on iPhone Xs Max! This CRM is sexy as hell and has a great price for all the features you get! If you try other High-end CRM’s that have all theses features you are looking at 8X price increase minimum! Us Apple users finally get a CRM mad just for us! About time!!

by d_curman   Gro CRM App Icon v2.3   USA Flag Icon USA

Switched from Cloze app

We switched from Cloze are very happy we did so. Cloze was more of an email client and Gro CRM is a full fledge CRM platform! Our internal group needed a sales system to manage leads, deals, tasks and more.

by Stacia Farrah   Gro CRM App Icon v2.3   USA Flag Icon USA

Updated for IOS 12, Hell Yeah!

Gro CRM is an Apple only company. They keep up with all the new Apple features and their system looks and feels like a CRM that Apple would build. I also noticed on there about page there are ex-apple employees working there! Love the iOS 12 updates!! Keep up the great work guys!!!!

by LyPatchett   Gro CRM App Icon v2.3   USA Flag Icon USA

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