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Gro CRM, The Award Winning Top Rated Small Business Mac CRM App for Apple iPhone and iPad

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Go straight to the PRO VERSION! Trust Me

Don't waste time on the Basic version go straight to the PRO VERSION. From start to finish, Gro CRM has every tool you need to prepare the pitch, land the deal, manage the project, follow up on all aspects of completion including potential new business referrals. Totally customizable, Gro CRM can help push you to the next level of success!

by Merl Baumbach   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Hands Down Best CRM I Have Used!

Gro CRM hands down has been the best CRM I have used! In the past I have used - Salesforce, HubSpot, Insightly and Zoho. All these other CRM solutions were complicated, unintuitive and missing a lot of features for their mobile apps. Gro CRM for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch has been the most complete CRM I have used so far. The Gro CRM workflows are friendly and they have a lot of customization available for all types of businesses!!! I highly recommend Gro CRM to anyone looking for a customer relationship management app to help manage their business. BTW - Gro CRM is also priced waaaaaay cheaper than all those other solutions I mentioned. Plus Gro does not make you pay your subscription annually, or make you buy a certain amount of users/seats or lock you into a annual contract. I just can not say enough good things about this company or their CRM platform. Just read the other reviews and you will see what I am talking about. I did notice there were a few negative review which every company has. However the Gro CRM negative reviews were not about there product at all?!? They were about people not realizing there was a free trial, or people not understand how the app store trial work??? I have seen these type of reviews with a few other companies and its a shame Apple just does not remove these type of reviews since they have nothing to do about the apps at all.

by Morel1995   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Priceless CRM!

Have used something like, ten other CRM apps in the past. Although not the first one I tried, it IS THE BEST!!  Easy to set up for my exact specifications, and can use on all my Apple devices seamlessly. Working on-the-go is no longer an issue.  ALL property details, for my real estate business, are at my fingertips. Contact info for other realtors, potential clients, contractors, city offices, and code requirements. When I have a chunk of free time, I can quickly determine which clients have availability, at that time;" and make a connection. Because of this streamlining of schedules my personal sales have increased almost 40% in the past nine months! Even better because I am working more efficiently I am enjoying more personal time with family.

by Millie_McDonald   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Boosted My Business Performace!!

LOVE THIS CRM!! I have a small, home-based business; and just wanted a way to track some basic customer information. I had a few questions about getting started and was surprised by the great customer service! The rep answered all my questions and then asked me some of her own! We figured out my present needs;" but also she gave me ideas and examples of how I might utilize the app's features going forward. I can definitely see the potential for growth and how valuable a tracking app will be for me. Gro-CRM has given both my business and my excitement about it a boost!!

by Ben Jenning   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

LOVE This CRM App!!

These did't nobody uses a desktop CRM like they they did 5-10 years ago. Your business is now something you take with you wherever you go and you need to stay in close contact with your customers to be successful these days. So I have been on the hunt for a iPhone/iPad CRM app to manage my contacts and business. I needed to find an easy to use CRM app with the right features for my iPhone/iPad that could manage my business no matter where I am. I tried a few of the top CRM on the App Store but all of them were really horrible!?! They're buggy, missing lots of features and support from these companies is pretty much non-existent unless you're spending big $$$$! Then I found Gro CRM! This company seems to really understand the needs of a modern small business user! This CRM app was built for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even Apple TV! You can immediately tell right away this app was built for Apple devices! Their Pro edition has all the features you will ever need, a superior workflow that is easy to use and their support team actually responds and is very helpful! Note - if you require a desktop version for some reason. These guys are also developing a desktop app that is coming out next year :-)

by Reall1998   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Intuitive, friendly and easy to use app!

You can't go wrong with this CRM!!! SO incredibly customizable, whatever your business or needs. So many options, I did make a couple calls to Customer Service reps, to discuss ideas for managing my contacts and projects, to my exact specifications. They were both very, very helpful; and actually both made recommendations that became part of my final format. After reading other reviews. I went ahead and just jumped in with the Pro version; and am happy I did. Have been using this app for about four months now;" and there are still features I am uncovering!!  I am confident that as my business and needs may change this app will change with them. LOVE this app and it's amazing features

by MayaClements   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Fabulous App for my Busines

As a Personal Fitness Trainer, and Nutritionist, I had the need for a CRM to help me track both client information, but also very specific fitness and nutrition plans, for each client. This one app allows me to tailor every aspect of database management, and to keep this information literally at my fingertips. Gro CRM was just what I was looking for;" and has become invaluable to the way I conduct my businesses. Just Fabulous!

by Estevan289   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

CRM App Obsession

I am totally obsessed with this app!!! Greatest CRM of all time!!! This dope app is helping me make a lot of cheddar from my clients! If your looking for a totally sic iPhone/iPad CRM for your biz, this app is for you!!!!! BTW this app is super modern, not like all the old school crms on the app store!!

by Richard Reichel   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Win-Win-Win For Our Team!!!

Our dental office was struggling with a way to accurately track, and follow up, on collection issues. In our search for an app to assist with this need, the discussions highlighted other needs, from some of our production staff as well. With this CRM, we are able to track, not only our account receivable efforts… but also effectively track potential new patients, patients who have made inquiries, referral information, marketing efforts, AND it has given our production staff a tool for recording personal information about their patients (kids, vacations, hobbies, etc.), which is not typically kept in a patient chart, as well as any special needs or considerations for their appointments. Our team is informed and confident, and our patients appreciate the attention to detail. Gro-CRM has become an unexpected, and incredibly valuable tool for our team! We recently switched to the Pro version;" and are excited to see how the additional options will help us to remain the best app in our city!

by Thervild95   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Best iPhone CRM period!!

I have tried 3 or 4 other CRM and contact management apps while trying to find a CRM that would work for my startup business. I was getting bummed out because every CRM solution I tried had issues or their support was so bad I decided to bail on the CRM solution all together! Then I finally came across Gro CRM on the App Store. After I signed up I was immediately contacted by Sophia. Sophia asked if she could help or answer any questions I might have. I told Sophia what I was trying to accomplish with a CRM. She listen to me, answered my questions and gave some advice. After we were done talking I felt like this company really cared about me and my business!! Not just trying to close another sale! It took me about two days to get everything setup the way I wanted and Sophia helped during that time answering all the questions I had on how best to configure the system for my specific business. I have been using Gro CRM now for about 8 weeks and I am very happy with the CRM and the company :-) Moving to a CRM can be a really scary proposition and you do not want to get stuck with the wrong company or product. As It could really hurt your business and make you waste a lot of time you could be spending focusing on your business. I was really lucky to find Gro CRM as it has been a blessing for my business.

by James Sulliva   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA


There are many amazing features of Gro CRM that I can't count all, including : Setuping ACL (access control lists) for my team, using their API to connect my favorite services. So impressive.

by Lowell Banner   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Deserve 5 stars

We have been using Gro CRM for about 1 month and now everything is working really smoothly with the help of this app. It really reduces our workload. Thank you.

by Jayden O'Donnell   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Totally satisfied with this app

Our office was a bit hesitant at first about moving to a CRM, but things have changed recently due to its outstanding performance of this app.

by Dennis Bayliss   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

Worth experiencing

Gro CRM was the only app we tried that was easy to use, had all the features we required plus their support was really helpful. All members of my team are totally satisfied with this app.

by Franklin Carmichael   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA


I have little thing to worry about the security and privacy as Gro CRM doesn't spam my contacts, don't collect or sell my information. Worth experiencing.

by Milton Eltis   Gro CRM App Icon v2.8.1   USA Flag Icon USA

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