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Mac CRM software solution for sales teams

Best Apple-Based CRM For Sales

The best Mac CRM sales software and analytic tools for sales organizations and teams

If your team of sales reps is managing their sales old school with notes, and a spreadsheet, then there is no way to collectively see your pipeline. Your customer database consists of individual spreadsheets and sticky notes, and there is no sense of the word team or collaboration. By implementing a CRM, your sales team can work together to close deals. Customer relationships are never lost and your pipeline can be closely monitored.

Sales teams real world Mac CRM software example
Emma's sales team is a competitive one. Her team members don’t like to share their leads with other sales rep in fear of them being stolen from under them. Commission rates are high in her company and her sales team likes making money! With Gro CRM’s privacy settings, she was finally able to get her team on board with entering all their prospects and deals into their CRM. Team members cannot see each other’s information, yet Emma can monitor everyone’s information and see what’s in the pipeline. Plus, with the data safely stored in the cloud, they no longer need to worry about losing paper copies of customer information.

Key Mac CRM growth features for sales teams

Give your sales team everything they need to stay on track. Instead of messing with paperwork, they should be focusing on making sales. Give them the Mac CRM for iPhone and iPad that will save them time in the field and become their ultimate sales tool for closing more deals. Give them the CRM that helps them organize and manage their data, find clients information quickly, communicate more effectively and close more deals.

Why choose Gro CRM as your sales team's Mac CRM software solution

Finding the right Mac CRM for sales teams can seem like an impossible task. They need an app that can do pretty much everything: a place to organize and manage leads and clients, communication tools for followups, manage deals, invoice, etc. Plugging in multiple systems to work together is nothing short of a nightmare option. Gro CRM is the perfect fit for your busy sales team because it includes all of that, in one simple, easy to use iPhone and iPad app. Your sales team will run more efficiently than ever with Gro CRM.

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