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The best real estate CRM focuses on building and maintaining relationships. Relationships are what makes a Realtor successful. Gro CRM’s contact management features allow users to organize their contacts into different groups and assign them custom tags for future filtering. The ability to schedule followup calls means users never forget to keep in touch with their clients. The auto dial-out feature provides an easy and quick way to complete your followup calls and reach out to new leads.

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Mia’s career as a Realtor has been successful, however she was having trouble keeping track of the specific notes and details about each client. After a scheduled showing with them, she would jot down the details about them and stash them away in a folder somewhere. Her customer data was everywhere and never easily accessible to reference when a past customer calls out of the blue. After implementing Gro CRM, Mia has been able to provide better service to her clients and has become more efficient with all her client notes in one, secure place.

Key Mac CRM growth features for real estate agents

Communication is one of a Realtor’s most important jobs. To be successful, you must be a good communicator. To be your best, you need the tools in place to stay organized and on top of your client’s needs. You deal with many clients on a daily basis so having a safe and secure place to store detailed notes about each of them is key. Plus, with easy dial-out features and other tracking tools, you will be at the top of your game with Gro CRM.

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Realtors often times work independently. You need a Mac CRM tool that works as well for a single user as it does for a small business with 25 users. Your needs are the same, but on a smaller scale as an independent user. Gro CRM is designed to work flawlessly for companies of all shapes and sizes. Take advantage of Gro CRM’s budget friendly pricing model and flexible customizable tools to better manage your leads.

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