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Pharmaceutical reps stay on top of your game with the best mobile CRM for iPhone and iPad

A successful pharmaceutical rep focuses on maintaining strong, trusting relationships with their clients. Their clients need to know they can rely on their reps to bring them only the best products and provide all the information they need, when they need it. It’s a lot to keep track of when you are constantly traveling. Gro CRM provides a powerful tool to manage and track every aspect of a client and communications you’ve had with them. It allows you to easily email or call them with a single click, and get directions to their office location with Apple Maps integration.

Pharma real world Mac CRM software example
Daniel is a top producing pharmaceutical sales rep for a large pharmaceutical company. Prior to using Gro CRM, Daniel used only a notepad that he took with him everywhere. It was somewhat inefficient but it worked to some degree, until he lost his notepad. Months and months of detailed notes had disappeared. With Gro CRM, not only has Daniel saved time in entering notes and sifting through previous conversations, he knows his data is always safe and secure. And with all his traveling, he loves the integration with Apple Maps to find directions directly to each client's location.

Key Mac CRM growth features for pharma

Equip yourself with everything you need to be successful on the road. Gro CRM has the tools you need to manage your customers and communications you’ve had with them from your iOS device. Enter detailed notes about conversations and followups. For newer clients, directions to their locations are a must. Get directions via Apple Maps through Gro CRM’s integration with one click. And when you bring lunch for all the doctors and nurses at a clinic, capture an image of the receipt and store it securely in the app. No more keeping track of paper receipts.

Why choose Gro CRM as your pharma Mac CRM software solution

As a pharmaceutical rep, your job is extremely important to the success of your clients in serving their patients. You have a lot of information to organize and a lot of locations to travel to. Having Gro CRM on your side means having a CRM you can rely on and always access from your iPhone or iPad. With Gro CRM, you don’t have to wait until you return to the office to enter important information.

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