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A Mac CRM platform to build your manufacturing business from the ground up

It seems the manufacturing world was stuck in the most outdated technologies than any other industry. Thanks to Gro CRM’s inclusion of ERP features, manufacturers can now manage their entire business full circle with an app that uses the most state-of-the art technology available. Build your product catalog with details about each inventoried item and high-resolution images. Check stock availability and generate quotes that can then be converted into invoices. Automate processes that once were done with pen and paper and increase team efficiency to lower your expense line.

Manufacturing real world Mac CRM software example
Mason’s new manufacturing business of eco-friendly water bottles was growing at a rapid pace. What he thought was a good idea turned out to be a great idea and companies were placing orders left and right! Mason is awesome at manufacturing, but technology is something he is not so great at. Mason found Gro CRM. It has been a tremendous asset to his success. It was easy for him to learn. The user-interface was simple, yet it had the powerful features he needed to manage his inventory and sales. Mason loves using Gro CRM, and his business is booming!

Key Mac CRM growth features for manufacturing teams

For a manufacturing company, enterprise resource planning (ERP) features are vital in your choice for the right CRM. Manage all the details of your inventory and set list prices and tax rates, reorder items when stock is running low and even get signature approvals. Convert quotes to invoices and watch your inventory change, manage your inventory images and important product documents, all with Gro CRM.

Why choose Gro CRM as your manufacturing Mac CRM software solution

When looking for a manufacturing solution, you have some specific needs you require for your industry. Gro CRM has the features manufacturing businesses love such as: Inventory management of your products, the ability to quote and invoice clients, order management to make sure your products are always in-stock, expense tracking to monitor your current financial situation and reporting to give your operations insights into what is working and what is not.

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