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Mac CRM software solution for construction

#1 Mac CRM For Construction

Top Performing Mac CRM software solution for construction based businesses

Impress your clients by transitioning from the old school paper quotes to a modern, efficient small business with professional quotes generated from your iPhone or iPad. Your sales team can use Gro CRM’s ERP features to create a quote in seconds and get a customer signature before emailing it off to them. When the client is ready to move forward, convert the quote to an invoice and track payments as they come in. Also when your guys have to travel for the job, have them upload all their meal and lodging receipts into Gro CRM’s receipt tracking tool. This will eliminate the hassle of storing receipts.

Construction real world Mac CRM software example
James and Liam are the lead salesmen for their fencing company. Until implementing Gro CRM, they had paper copies of al their contracts that they each stored separately. When one of them was out and their customer called with a question about their upcoming project, they had no easy way to reference the customer’s quote. Now they create electronic contracts with all the notes about installation that each of them can easily reference if needed. Not only have they become more efficient, they appear more professional and organized to their clients.

Key Mac CRM growth features for construction teams

Gro CRM is packed full of features that will streamline your processes and reduce the amount of papers stacked on your desk. Organize all your contacts in one shared database. You can create quotes and invoices from anywhere, and have your client’s sign off with a signature using just their finger on your iPhone or iPad! Your crew no longer has to save fuel receipts with the simple receipt tracking tools Gro CRM has to offer.

Why choose Gro CRM as your construction Mac CRM software solution

The construction industry is known for being behind on the times when it comes to technology for managing their sales. They have the most amazing technologies out in the field, but when it comes to the day to day paperwork, it’s typically the manual method. It’s time to make your sales processes as efficient as your crew in the field. By implementing Gro CRM, your sales team will be closing more deals and getting more done, all with less time and paperwork.

Top Performing Mac CRM for Construction
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