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Gro CRM Status Board

The Gro CRM Status Board With In/Out and Stats Makes it Easy for You to Watch Your Company's Health

Apple TV Status Board

Best Apple TV CRM Status Board

Small Business CRM Status Board

Go to the Apple App Store and download our Apple TV Status Board with in/out & metrics for small business.

Download Gro CRM From App Store
App Store Download
Head over to the Apple TV App Store and download the free Gro CRM Status Board app for you small business or team.

Watch Your Business with Apple TV
Watch Performance
No more wondering how your business is performing. You and your small business team can keep a close eye on your overall growth.
Business Metrics with Apple TV
In/Out Status
Setup the Gro CRM Status Board in your small business office or conference room and watch up to the minute metrics and in/out status.

Empower your team with the tools to accelerate growth

A valuable extension to our platform, Gro CRM for Apple TV takes all your important sales data and analytics from your iPhone and iPad to the big screen. Get an up-to-the minute view of your team's sales goals, history and status. See which team members are in the office or out for a client meeting, and monitor changes as they happen. All displayed on your TV screen!

Vital stats for your small business needs

Your small business team will be performing at record levels of efficiency and growth with the power of Gro CRM on their iPhones and iPads. Watching the acceleration of business growth is always more fun from the big screen and your Apple TV. The combination of raw sales numbers, detailed comparison charts and multiple goal gauges show you where you are at today, this week, this month and this year.

Key Status Board features for your small business

It seems our work schedules are busier than ever and keeping up with your team is a difficult task. With Gro CRM on your Apple TV, you can visualize where your team is at on sales as new leads come in and deals are closed with detailed analytic charts and graphs. Get a visual picture of activity happening in Gro CRM now, and always know which team members are checked in or out of the system so you can keep up with your team's busy day.

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