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Gro CRM Add-ons

CRM Add-Ons and Integrations

Gro CRM has a Multitude of Apple Integrations

We have some really great Apple Integrations including: Apple Contacts, Apple Maps, iCloud Drive, Photos, Face ID, Notifications, Drag and Drop and many more!

Apple Contacts
Apple Contacts
Import your Apple contacts super easy with Gro CRM. All your contacts will always be available on all your Apple devices thanks to the Gro CRM cloud!
iCloud Drive
iCloud Drive
Upload and attach important customer documents into Gro CRM from iCloud Drive. Your team will love how easy it is to upload customer documents.
Apple Maps
Apple Maps
Use Apple maps to locate all of your contacts in a specific city, state or country. Then use turn-by-turn directions to make your way to your customers.

Apple iCloud & Google Gmail Email Tracking

Gro CRM's email integration supports the most popular email providers like: Apple iCloud, Google Gmail, Yahoo and more!

Email Integration

Automated Mac CRM Workflows with Zapier

Connect the Gro CRM app with 1000+ other apps and automate your workflows. Easy app automation with Gro CRM!

Zapier Integration
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Stripe Integration

Use our really nice built-in Stripe® credit card integration to process credit cards from your customers!

Stripe Integration

Wordpress Website Lead Capture with Gro CRM

Convert WordPress forms into leads. Gro CRM creates an easy integration between your WordPress install(s) and your website.

Wordpress Plug-in

Gro CRM a Secure and Private Mac CRM Platform

1Password remembers your Gro CRM password for you. Log in to Gro CRM with a single click. It's that simple

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