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CRM Email Management

Our Mac CRM Software Platform will help You Manage Your Email and Track Customer Communication

Email integration and tracking

Mac CRM Email Integration

Key Email Integration Features


Our system works great with your Apple (, or account! We also work with many of the popular email services including: Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Rackspace, and more.


Track your email communication with your customers. We make it easy to setup email tracking per customer so you can see all the communication between you and your contact. No more looking though folders or email.


Do you want to create a new contact record from a new customer that just emailed you? We have a really slick feature that will create a new contact record from your email and add it to your leads or customer list.

iCloud Email Integration and Customer Tracking

Tracking client email is easy as pie! With Gro CRM, you can view all email communication within your organization with a specific customer. Wow, how handy is that!

Gro CRM Email Provider Integrations
Gro CRM Email Integration and Tracking
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