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Your CRM and AppleTV can give you a 360 view of your sales

Feb 16, 2017 By Scott Smith


From 1927 to 2017, the television has changed tremendously. It went from a black and white antiquated machine, to big screens larger than a human with the most incredible screen resolution. Now, they are making their way into the business world.

The television has come a long way since its invention in the 1920s and so have its sales. Television sales have gone from 7,000 annually in 1939 to 238 million worldwide, 37 million annually in just the US.

Televisions went from an expensive luxury to about as common as having a toilet in your house. The average American home has 2.86 televisions and an average of 2.5 people according to a survey by Nielsen.

Televisions are not only common in households, they’ve become common in places of business as well. They’ve become customer service amenities in all sorts of businesses including bars and restaurants, lobbies, waiting rooms and fitness centers. TVs are also also making their way into the back office as well, displaying things like stock tickers and the latest news.

With the introduction of the AppleTV, the concept of the television has been reinvented. Much like Apple reinvented the music industry with iTunes, they are reinventing how we watch and use our televisions with the AppleTV. AirPlay mirroring has been a powerful tool for businesses allowing users to mirror their iPhone, iPad or Mac. Show things like monthly revenue charts in a sales meeting onto the big screen TV for everyone to see.

Now, however, companies like Gro CRM are taking it one step further. Gro has its very own app for AppleTV to display those important sales stats. It’s a company status board with sales goals, monthly revenue year-over-year, a team member status board and even a running history of app activity. It provides a 360 view of your business on your television, with the power of the AppleTV.

The television has come a long ways since its invention 90 years ago. It will be fun to see what the television and AppleTV have in store for the future for both personal and business applications.

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