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Your Apple Watch can improve your sales not just your health

Feb 03, 2017 By Scott Smith


Can you even remember the days before iPhone was invented? The days where car phones were considered a luxury for top executives and the rest of us were stuck at our desks, tied to the vinyl coiled cords of our desk phones? The technology world has changed tremendously since then and it seems like Apple® is always coming out with a new, innovative device that we find ourselves unable to live without.

On April 24, 2015, Apple did it again with the reveal of Apple Watch. With record sales, Apple Watch users everywhere are finding motivation through the Activity App. There are even well-documented instances of the Apple Watch actually saving lives with its heart rate data. That’s incredible!

Now, however, the Apple Watch is moving well beyond a personal device for checking text messages and logging workouts, it’s moving into the business world. With apps like Gro CRM’s app for Apple Watch, key sales data is available at a glance, in the un-intrusive and minimalistic display of the Apple Watch.

With Apple Watch’s alerts and notifications, sales people can discreetly check for important messages and appointments without the distraction of the loud vibrating buzz or the ringer you forgot to turn on silent. With the prioritization features with Mail, you can set which email notifications go to your watch so you aren’t wasting your time checking messages during a meeting that aren’t critical.

There are the features of the Apple Watch that can improve your sales, and then there is the look of the Apple Watch that can improve your sales as well. We’ve all heard the age old saying “Dress for Success”. Well this applies from head to toe. The Mickey Mouse watch your 5 year-old daughter gave you for your birthday, while adorable, does not fit into the “dress for success” model. Find a watch band for your Apple Watch that fits your own professional style and wear it proudly. Your professional style shows you have confidence in yourself and your product.

If you don’t have one already, it might be time to get yourself an Apple Watch. It’s good for your health and it’s good for your business.

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