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Yes, you can now scan business cards with Gro CRM 2.1

Apr 20, 2018 By Ammy Jansen


We just launched version 2.1 of our award winning Gro CRM platform which includes a totally new business card scanner add-on for all Gro CRM editions.

With the new business card scanner, you can take a photo of a business card and the card infomation will be inserted into your Gro CRM contacts within just a few minutes! We use real people, not machines, to transcribe business cards. You will get the most accurate and complete data every time with Gro CRM.

Salespeople, small business and individuals are going to love how much time this add-on will save them. No more losing business cards, or forgetting to enter them into your CRM at the end of the day! When you get a new business card just scan it right away and your new lead information will be saved into your Gro CRM contacts.

Note: We also save the orginal photo of the business card so you can view it later, if needed.

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