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Why Millennials and Mac CRM’s are good for business

May 03, 2017 By Sophia Maes


Despite what some may believe, millennials can actually provide a huge asset to your small business. Beneath that stereotypical “lazy” millennial is actually a well educated, motivated young person that can help you boost sales and grow your business. Here are our top 5 reasons why millennials and Mac CRMs are good for business:

1. Millennials outnumber the baby boomers
Who would have thought that would ever happen? The boomers are getting older, and the number of deaths among them exceeds the number of older immigrants arriving to the United States. The number of millennial immigrants entering the country, however, is steadily increasing. Millennials currently make up 25% of the country’s population. Not only that, millennials are the most highly educated generation in history with 23% having a bachelor’s degree or higher.

What does that mean for businesses? A lot of millennials are in the workforce and that number continues to grow as they graduate from college. They are seeking high-level jobs. That means you will be hiring more and more millennials and you will need to accommodate their needs and their way of working. I can give you a hint - they love mobile iOS technology and will not be impressed or successful if you throw them in a cubicle in front of a computer all day.

2. 87% of millennials have their phone by their side 100% of the time
Wow! 87% is a huge percentage! So is it a surprise that they love being able to do everything from their iOS device? From emailing, online shopping, and checking social media, they live and breath on their iPhones. Having a Mac CRM business app that they can use to manage their sales not only makes sense, it’s the only way you will get a millennial to actually use a CRM.

3. Millennials bring in innovation
You may think to yourself you don’t want to bother hiring and catering to the millennials. They’ve earned a bad rap as lazy, spoiled, trophy seekers. But the reality is quite different. In a study, millennial companies scored 14-20% higher in innovation than non-millennial companies. The result is millions and millions more in net profits annually. Maybe it’s time you started implementing changes into your small business that welcome the drive and innovation of a millennial. It could have a big payout as a result.

4. Millennials thrive on praise
Implementing policies and technologies that give a millennial a pat on the back for doing a good job will always prove successful. Implement technologies that speak to them and allow them to compete with their self and the rest of the sales team. When they are at the top of the ranks in monthly sales, Mac CRM apps like Gro CRM give them the gold crown award, and the big whale award for the largest deals. A small award can go a long ways in motivating your sales team.

5. Millennials are technology geniuses
These kids grew up with technology. Generally they are the ones teaching us older generations how to use it. They are incredibly efficient with technology and giving them great tech tools in business will always translate into improved efficiency and an increase in sales.

Equip your employees with apps like Gro CRM that tech savvy millennials will love and older generations will still be able to figure out how to use. The user interface is simple and intuitive like the iPhone and iPad. It’s an overall winner for all generations, which means a winner for your company and your profits.

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