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Top 3 factors to look for in choosing a smallbiz Mac CRM solution

Apr 28, 2017 By Ammy Jansen


The reasons to choose a Mac CRM software for your smallbiz is 2-fold. There is the Mac, the Apple operating system that provides reliability and user-friendly devices and there is the CRM, the customer relationship management that helps you organize and increase efficiency in your company. Combining the two creates a list of powerful reasons to choose a Mac CRM for your business. Let’s explore why they make such an amazing pair.

1. Reliability - for those of you that already use Macs and iOS devices, this one doesn’t need much explanation. You already know how reliable your Apple products are. But for the current Windows users out there, allow me to enlighten you on some fun Apple facts. The 2015 Consumer Reports ranked Apple laptops the most reliable laptops on the market. Their statistics show that Apple’s Macbook line has a collective failure rate of about 3-4% annually, whereas a laptop running windows experienced 13% failure rate with some brands reaching even higher levels.
Having a device you can count on and one that you know will start up every morning without issue is critical to running an efficient business. We rely on our technology now more than ever and hours and hours of time plus thousands of dollars in lost sales and repair costs can be lost when you don’t have the reliable technology you need. Critics say the cost of a Macbook is too high, but the cost savings over time for a laptop that is reliable and lasts longer than any other means cost savings in the long run.

When it comes to a CRM, reliability is also critical. With the transition into the cloud, CRMs are becoming a lot more reliable than the traditional in-house server method. Being in the cloud means there are a lot more backup servers configured to prevent an outage. In your research for the best Mac CRM, be sure to check the system up-times from a reliable 3rd party source.

2. Security - now, more than ever, security is at the top of the list of priorities in a Mac CRM. The Mac OS X and Apple iOS we already know are the most secure operating systems. The closed platforms that Apple uses creates a much more secure operating system than the competition.
On the Mac side, security is a no brainer. Now for the CRM side, you need to do your research. Many Mac CRM’s brag about security with no real data to backup their claims. Check out apps like Gro CRM where security is one of their top features. Gro CRM uses only AES-256 encryption to protect your data, the same level of encryption used by the National Security Agency (NSA) to protect information at a “Top Secret” level. AES-256 is now widely-accepted as the strongest encryption there is – and used by governments, militaries, global financial institutions and other organizations across the world to protect highly sensitive data.

Gro CRM also monitors and encrypts your data at all times, which ensures your data's security as it's delivered to your devices. In researching Mac CRMs, check reliable 3rd party sources such as Qualys SSL Labs to see the true level of security they provide.

3. Usability - with so many things to look for in a Mac CRM including reliability, security, features, etc., usability often gets overlooked. Adoption of a Mac CRM is key to its success, however, so usability should be one of the top features you look for. If your team doesn’t use the Mac CRM you are trying to implement, it won’t do your company any good.
The platform is the first key ingredient to usability. We all know Apple is famous for making the most user-friendly products. We’ve all seen the youtube videos of babies using iPads and iPhones. With such a beautifully designed user-interface in which Apple studied the way the mind worked in order to create it, it’s no wonder Apple products are the number one products in usability.

The second ingredient is the usability of the CRM itself. Here are the top factors you should look for in determining a Mac CRM’s usability:

- Simplicity
- Speed
- Minimal error messages
- Email integration
- System design

In conclusion, there are many more granular details that go into choosing the best Mac CRM for your smallbiz, but start at the top and narrow it down from there. Take these top 3 important factors to narrow your search into a smaller list of Mac CRMs that will be sure to bring success in your business.

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