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The Search for Mac ERP Solutions for Apple Small Business Users

Mar 07, 2017 By Ammy Jansen


A Mac ERP solution can be hard to come by. It seems a search for a Mac CRM solution can provide you with at least a few options, however a Mac ERP solution is another story. PCs once dominated the business world, so naturally, ERP solutions were built for the PC user. Now, more than ever, IT managers are choosing the Mac OS over Windows due to its high-level of security, among other things. So, the search for a Mac ERP solution begins.

What is an ERP solution anyways? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and this fancy sounding acronym doesn’t do a very good job of saying what it actually means. It doesn’t really do any planning, so that doesn’t help, and the term resource is just a fluff word. Enterprise is about the only meaningful term in the acronym because what an ERP really does is integrates all departments and functions across an enterprise into a single system that can serve every department’s needs. A system that combines every department seems like a lot to ask, and it is. Each department has generally has very different needs and for some complex industries, this may be an impossible feat to accomplish.

An ERP typically includes some basic tools you need to manage products and sales. It includes the ability to create purchase orders and manage inventory, generate invoices, and review sales data so that you can make informed decisions about the future. Now, let’s throw the term Mac in front of ERP and we add an entirely new element to the term - the ability to do all of this on a platform that was once only geared to the individual consumer instead of the business user- the Apple platform.

While there is a confusing line-up of web apps out there such as Netsuite and Salesforce, Apple business users are typically wanting a tool that integrates more directly with their Mac and iPhone and iPad. They are looking for an app that doesn’t require the brain power of 12 neurosurgeons to figure out. They want it to be beautiful and intuitive, just like their Apple devices. The one Mac ERP Solution that every Apple Small Business user should check out is Gro CRM.

Gro CRM, although it has the term CRM (customer relationship management) in its name, also includes some powerful ERP tools. Gro CRM includes the ability to create invoices, receive payments, generate purchase orders, track inventory, track sale team expenses, and report on the activity of all these important functions. The ideal ERP solution also integrates with a company’s CRM solution, so for many companies, Gro CRM is the ideal solution.

Take your time in the hunt for a Mac ERP solution. Don’t be fooled by the web apps that try to coin the term of Mac ERP. Make sure the solution is actually designed for Apple devices. And if you are looking for a full-blown, get your team in gear, hands-down #1 selling machine, check out Gro CRM. It's more than a CRM, it's a CRM and ERP in one, simple yet powerful Mac Small Business solution.

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