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The 5 steps of a winning sales proposal

Feb 13, 2017 By Ammy Jansen


Writing a winning sales proposal is not as complicated as it may seem when you have the proper tools in place. Knowing your prospect and understanding their needs is key. Using a CRM like Gro CRM you are able to organize all the important information you’ve gathered over the years about your prospect. Now, you simply need to present them with a proposal that shows what you can do for them and proves you are equipped to deliver.

1. Start personal, clear and concise.
The first step is to write the objective of the proposal. But before you start getting busy writing all the great things you have to offer, stop and think about the prospect. What problems are they wanting to solve? What are their challenges? They don’t want to hear a bunch of extra mumbo jumbo. They want to know exactly what you can do for them and they don’t want it to be complicated and difficult to understand.

Your objective should be clear and to the point, and again, focus on your prospect’s needs specifically. Address their challenges and how your service/product will specifically help them overcome those challenges. They don’t want another generalized, mass-produced proposal. They want to know what you will do for them and their unique needs.

2. Focus on outcomes and results.
Use your proposal to illustrate what you can provide. A prospect doesn’t pay for deliveries, they pay for outcomes and results. That’s what they are looking for and that’s what you need to focus on in your proposal. As mentioned above, your proposal should be all about your prospect.

3. Give 3 options.
Offering only a single option or solution is a huge missed opportunity. Offering 3 options has multiple benefits. First, it allows the client to look at the competition - only you are competing with yourself so you always win. Prospects feel more in control when they have options to choose from and it allows them to come to their own conclusion on what matters most to them based on the options you’ve provided and at different price points. Having options makes a prospect less likely to shop around.

Secondly, it allows for a very simple up-sell. Show the client specifically what they asked for, show them an alternative that gives a little less and costs a little less, and show them the cadillac of options (at the cadillac price tag of course). Show them the option they never knew they wanted with extra perks that they didn’t know existed. You may find more often than not that they choose the up-sell option. Why turn away a larger sale for something as simple as not offering it as an option.

4. Make it easy to close the deal.
Adding a signature line at the bottom of the proposal allows the prospect to sign it as a contract agreement on the spot. Of course a more complex and detailed contract can be drawn up later if necessary, but having that initial signature to close the deal is a real game-changer. This is so simple to do and can double or triple your close rate percentage.

5. Keep in touch, timing is everything.
If a deal doesn’t close on the spot, keep in touch. Don’t be the pushy, obnoxious sales person we all dread hearing from, but show your prospect you care about them and their success. Be genuine. Sometimes timing the only reason a deal doesn’t go through. Be patient. Depending on your nature of business, it may take years but maintaining that relationship with a prospect may mean huge payoffs in the future.

Remember, a winning proposal can be simple to write. Just keep it personal, keep it short and sweet, and make sure your prospect and agree and sign on the spot.

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