Small businesses say Hello to iOS 11 and iPhone X features in our epic Gro CRM 2.0 release.

Jan 30, 2018 By Scott Smith


Today we are launching version 2.0 of Gro CRM platform with new features and iOS 11 and iPhone X enhancements! This by far is our biggest release of the Gro CRM platform to date.

Gro CRM Version 2.0
Here are some highlights of our Gro CRM 2.0 release:

  • iOS11 Support
    Since WWDC 2017, we have been hard at work adding new features and enhancements to our Gro CRM platform that revolve around iOS11, watchOS 4, tvOS11 and the new iPhone X. We took a little more time than expected due to the epic nature of this release.

  • iPhone X and Face ID support
    Login to Gro CRM with your face, believe me, this is really cool! Face ID is avaliable to all iPhone X users! We also made some nice UI enhancements and workflow changes for the iPhone X which you will notice right away!

  • Drag and Drop
    Gro CRM now allows you to drag and drop contacts and photo's right into Gro CRM from your favorite apps. This is really slick feature!

  • Saved States
    Gro CRM now has saved states support. What are saved states you ask? Saved states remembers the last place you were when you close the app. So when you re-open Gro CRM again, we bring you back to your same spot in the app where you left off. This is a small feature but you will notice how much time it saves from having to re-navigate to the last place you were.

  • Multitasking, Split view and Slide Over support
    All three of these are welcome additions to the Gro CRM Platform. Use Split View and Slide Over to use two apps at a time on the iPad. This is pretty awesome feature for iPad users.

  • Customizable navigation bar
    You can now customize our navigation bar in Gro CRM. Maybe you want Tasks at the top of your navigation bar because that is super important to you! No problem just configure the navigation bar how you want it. You are in control.

  • Custom Data Sorting
    We added the ability to sort data on the fly in the list views, just open up our new sort panel and you can change how the data is sorted when you view it.

  • Free Stickers
    We are launching 50+ Gro Guys iMessage stickers with our iOS11 release and we are giving them away for free! So go download them today!

  • Widgets, Widgets, Widgets
    We added some new Widgets that we think will make your life much more productive. Check them out:

    • In/Out Widget
      We created a new widget that allows you to check in/out of our status board without ever having to login to our app. This makes checking in/out of the office a breeze.

    • Favorite Contact Widget
      We created a new widget that allows to call your favorite contacts from the system. This is a super useful feature!

    • Hot Deal Contact Widget
      Quickly call your Hot Deal contacts with our new widget. This is great when you want to close your deals now!

    • Updated Goals Widget
      We also updated our popular goals widget with a much simpler look!

  • Apple Watch
    We completly re-wrote our Apple Watch App from the ground up with some really nice features. Here are some highlights:

    • Dashboard
      We have a really cool scrollable dashboard now that lets you easily acccess the data you are looking for with complete ease.

    • Goals
      We brought the same goals guages from our iOS dashboard to the apple watch! Super nice!

    • Tasks, Events and Notifications
      Keep up-to-date on your tasks and events every day. Plus get notifications!

    • Favorites, Deals and more
      Call your favorite contacts, or one of your hot deals, with just a touch! Stay connected to your customers on the go.

  • Stripe® Credit Card Integration
    Yes, we added Stripe credit card processing! This is a really slick and secure way to recieve credit cards payments from your clients. We love Stripe as they are also PCI compliant like us, plus we do not have to save any credit card information at all. Super secure!

  • Enhanced Credit Card Workflow
    We did some really nice UI work on our Credit Card payment screen. When you insert your credit card information, you can see the card just like you can with Apple Wallet. Plus, we updated the overall workflow of how credit card processing works.

  • Improved Email Support
    We refined the email setup process to make it more Apple-ish. We also added oAuth support for Gmail, plus fixed some outstanding issues.

  • Minor Feature Enhancements
    We added the ability to add a history record right from the contact details. We also added a really nice color picker for invoices, quotes and purchases orders. We made a bunch of other small improvements all over the system. Way to many to list, but you will notice all the nice refinements and features when you use Gro CRM 2.0.

  • Updated 2.0 Interface
    We refined the interface throughout the system, added a new setup wizard and of course made everything look great for iOS11 and iPhone X. We also took extra time and care with our contacts detail page. You will notice our new contact header right away. We were inspired by Apple Contacts!

  • Bug fixes
    We also fixed some bugs that were reported by customers. The only good bug is a dead bug!

  • Built with Swift 4
    Gro CRM was built with Swift from the ground up. We are excited to announce that Gro CRM 2.0 was written, built and optimized for Swift 4.

Download Gro CRM for free
If you are a new user, just head over to the Apple App Store and download Gro CRM. If you are a current user, you can easily update your app in the App Store.

Official Press Release
Read the official Gro CRM The Popular Mac CRM Small Business Platform, Announces Version 2.0 with iOS 11 and iPhone X Enhancements and Features in our newsroom.

Release Notes
Gro CRM 2.0 release notes.

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