Annoucing Gro CRM version 1.5, a new developer REST API, and more!

Aug 16, 2017 By Scott Smith


Today we are launching our biggest software release to date. Version 1.5 of Gro CRM brings hundreds of updates, user requested features, a REST API for developers and a new Solo edition for sole proprietorship businesses, startups and individuals. Plus a new monthly pay option!

Gro CRM Version 1.5
We have been hard at work getting version 1.5 our Mac CRM platform ready for primetime. Here are some highlights of the 1.5 release:

  • New Solo Edition
    You asked for it and we are here to deliver a new low cost edition (14.99/seat/mo USD) for sole proprietorship businesses, startups and individuals. We call it the "Solo" Edition.

  • Notifications
    Gro CRM now has email notification and iOS push notification support. Our users asked for this and we are excited to deliver this feature. Get notification reminders of calendar appointments, deals, and tasks. Also be notified when you are assigned a task or deal by another user.

  • Exports:
    Administrators can now export customized CSV data. Just choose the data you want to export along with the options and we will create a nice CVS file for you and email it to you automatically with our new queueing platform.

  • Reports:
    We now have 45+ customizable email reports. This is a very slick and useful feature to see how your users and company is performing.

  • Additional Features:
    We added customizable sub-classes in receipts, we refined the user interface everywhere in the app and we added hundreds of small improvements and fixes throughout the Gro CRM platform.

  • Updated Website:
    Our website was completely overhauled from top to bottom. It's faster, it's sleeker, and full of easy to find information about the Gro CRM platform. We also added a store for those of you who would just like to purchase Gro CRM right away.

  • Updated Account Management System (AMS):
    The account management system was also overhauled. We added some really nice features for managing your account and we switched to Stripe for all of our credit card processing. Moving to Stripe allowed us to offer monthly billing and bunch of great options for upgrading your account.

  • Developer REST API:
    Businesses of every size rely on APIs to save them time, money and to streamline their business process. This allows developers to connect exsiting platforms, website contacts forms, backend systems and more. We give developers powerful tool, great documentation, frameworks and examples on how to connect to our Gro CRM API. By the way, every account has access to our RESTful API.

More to come with iOS 11
Stay tuned in the coming weeks. We have another release coming just around the corner, so make sure you keep an eye out for our iOS 11 update! Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed!

Download Gro CRM
If your are a new user just head over to the Apple App Store and download Gro CRM. If you are a current user you can easily update your app in the App Store.

Offical Press Relase
Read the official Gro CRM 1.5 update announcement in our newsroom.

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