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Mar 05, 2019 By Sophia Maes


The team over at wrote a great review about Gro CRM and we wanted to share!

"Gro CRM’s target users aren’t only Apple fans. The platform is also highly-geared towards those SBs, startups, and freelancers. They claim that a team of 10-25 employees is the company size “sweet spot” for their product.

It’s not just how many employees are in the office, because Gro CRM is tailored for sales reps to get out of the building and hit the streets. Of course, most CRM have mobile versions, but Gro CRM’s is designed, from the ground up, for iOS.

Gro doesn’t try and tone down their unbridled love and enthusiasm for all things Apple, which is pretty much how most Apple users feel about their MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches.

And since so many Apple enthusiasts are channeling their creative A/V and design-heavy talents into up-and-coming businesses, why shouldn’t they expect a CRM built exclusively for them?

As humbly as they may start, there’s no capping the potential for Gro(wth)."

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