Download our free small business sticker pack for your iPhone and iPad to ignite your iMessage conversations

Feb 07, 2018 By Kelly Johnson


Are you tired of just sending the same old emoji's? We know you are! Today we are excited to launch our small business sticker pack "The Gro Guys" for Apple iMessage. Ignite your text message conversations with our fun stickers. Text like you have never texted before. Plus it's totally free!

Don't worry, our Gro Guys sticker pack will elevate your messaging game to the next level. BTW, we also make some real nice Mac CRM business software, so check it out!

Go download our free stickers and have fun text bombing all your contacts, colleagues and peeps with our epic sticker pack.

Download Gro CRM Stickers
Just head over to the Apple App Store and download Gro CRM and you will get all 50+ stickers for free. To learn more about our stickers go to the Gro CRM iMessage sticker page.

Offical Press Relase
Read the official Gro CRM Announces Free iMessage Sticker Pack Based On Sales themes For Apple Small Business Users in our newsroom.

Release Notes
Gro CRM 2.0 release notes.

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