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8 Tips on How to Choose the Best Mac CRM Software Solution for your Team

Apr 04, 2017 By Sophia Maes


Searching for the best Mac CRM software may sound like a daunting task, but by following these simple tips and tricks, you are sure to find the best solution for your small business. Take your time to make sure you are making the best choice for your growing business!

1. Define your requirements
What a company needs in a Mac CRM can vary greatly company to company. Every company and industry has its own unique needs and processes and it’s important to define the role a customer relationship management tool will have in your company. Write down your priority must-haves as well as your “would be nice” features so that you can narrow down the search quickly by seeing if each CRM app checks all the items off in your list.

2. Set a (realistic) budget
There are plenty of free Mac CRM options out there but attempting to search for the best free CRM might be a waste of your time. We all know that you get what you pay for and a free solution most likely means you will end up with a system that doesn’t suit your needs. Set a budget range that you are comfortable with before you begin your search. You may luck out and find the perfect CRM software solution at the low end of your budget, but it’s nice to know you have some wiggle room if the ideal app is more at the top end of your budget. Spending the extra money to get the perfect CRM solution will pay for itself two-fold with increased efficiency.

So what is a realistic budget? For small business users, the idea of $50 or more a month per user may sound like a lot at first, but it’s important to put the cost into perspective. A Mac CRM like Gro CRM will allow you to operate your entire business more efficiently. You can manage your entire lead and customer database, manage followup calls and upcoming deals, create invoices and manage inventory levels and so much more. Suddenly, $50 sounds low for a system that does all that. Think about what we pay for our cell phone plans each month. $110/month? $120? We rely so heavily on our cell phones that if it cost $200/month, we’d still use them! Cell phones have become such a powerful tool in making our lives mobile and so much more efficient that it’s impossible to imagine our lives without them.

Think of a CRM the same way you would your cell phone. It takes care of everything for you when it comes to managing your business. It makes you incredibly efficient and gives you the tools you need to increase sales at a rapid rate. Setting a budget of $50 - $150 is certainly reasonable when it comes to choosing a Mac CRM.

3. Think simple yet scalable
A simple, user-friendly interface will be critical in implementing a Mac CRM for your sales team. Prepare for your team to fight back against change. They will not be excited about changing their way of doing things! Set them up for success by adding “simple UI” to the list of requirements in your search for a CRM solution. It needs to be easy to learn and adopt in order for your sales team to successfully implement a CRM app.

Simple is important, but you must also remember scalability when making your selection. A simple UI design on a CRM is somewhat worthless to you if your company can’t scale with it. A Mac CRM is meant to improve your process and increase sales. Increased sales means company growth and your need a system that can grow with you. Add “scalable” to your list of requirements.

4. Implementation
Along with a simple UI, a simple implementation process is key. Make sure the CRM software you are seeking includes a stress-free implementation process. Check that the company offers training services and importing services to ensure your company is setup properly and trained extensively to use the new CRM app to its fullest potential.

5. Features and flexibility
You’ll obviously want a Mac CRM with the features you need. It must have the capabilities to manage your leads and clients and followups. If the ability to create estimates and invoices is also on your requirements list, check that it has the ERP features you are looking for as well. Not all CRM’s do, but check out apps like Gro CRM, for example, that has the ability to create estimates and invoices, receive payments and manage inventory.

Flexibility is another important feature. Your business is unique and so are your needs. Choose a CRM software that has flexibility to make preference changes to ensure the Mac CRM is a good fit for your company’s processes.

6. Security, Security , Security
The idea of storing your company data in the cloud used to make company’s extremely nervous. Security has become a top priority and you need a Mac CRM that takes security very seriously.

Gro CRM is a Mac CRM that offers the highest level of security. Built in military grade AES-256 encryption, Qualys A+ Rating and PCI compliant, Gro CRM keeps you and your sensitive CRM data safe and secure at all times.

7. Read reviews
Find out what other users have to say about the CRM. What are they happy with? What complaints do they have? No CRM is perfect, but reading other user’s reviews can help you learn the true benefits and downfalls of any Mac CRM so that you can decide for yourself what you can and can’t live without.

8. Ask questions
Ask the Mac CRM companies lots and lots of questions! They know their product better than anyone else so make sure and schedule a conversation with them. Do you plan on going mobile with your CRM on your iPhone and iPad? Make sure they have a fantastic mobile app. Ask about their upgrade process and frequency, what training is available to you and your team, what makes their company unique, etc. Learn everything you can from the experts to see if their CRM solution would be a good fit.

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