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7 Apple Small Business Markets that can grow with the help of a Mac CRM app

Apr 13, 2017 By Scott Smith


So many different industries can benefit from implementing a Mac CRM. People often don’t realize that their business could benefit from the right tools. A Mac CRM’s benefits go far beyond basic customer management. They can help you manage incoming leads, closing the deal and maintaining a long term relationship. And some go beyond that to include ERP features such as invoicing and expense tracking as well! Check out our list of 7 Apple Small Business Markets that can grow with the help of a Mac CRM app.

1. Landscaping and Fencing
Creating estimates is something a landscaping and fencing salesperson does on a daily basis. Build an estimate for a client, go through multiple drafts of changes and then get the final approval from your client. Check out Gro CRM’s signature capabilities. From your iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro, clients can sign off on estimates! All your terms and conditions can be pre-added to your estimate so all you have to do is get their electronic signature, then email them a copy and get to work.

Speaking of getting to work, it’s not just the sales team that can benefit from a Mac CRM. Your crews are busy on the job and often times have to run to the nearest hardware store to pick up a missing piece, or drive out to the dump with the old fence they just ripped out. Receipts get thrown on the dash, then eventually lost or blow out the window. It’s a nightmare to try and keep track of all the random expenses and somehow keep your books accurate. With Gro CRM on your iPhone, your crew can capture an image of the receipt, tag what it was for and throw it away. No more lost receipts!

2. Interior Design
Designers spend a lot of time shopping and visiting with clients. Often times, they are managing multiple projects at once. Anyone with a busy schedule like that of an interior designer knows how easy you can forget details of a conversation between one client to the next. Having a Mac CRM App like Gro CRM on your iPhone or iPad means you have the tools you need to jot down those important conversations on the same device you use to put your design boards together and shop for some great items for the living room you are putting together. You don’t have to run back to the office, you don’t have to write it on a sheet of paper that ends up getting stuffed in your back jeans pocket and thrown into the washer later that week. Having the tools to save those important notes in the technology you already have in your hand means never missing the important stuff.

An often times forgotten struggle that a designer experiences is that of tracking receipts. You are so busy shopping at so many different stores, you stuff those receipts in your wallet, the console of your vehicle or in random piles on your desk back at the office. How much money are you missing out on when you loose a receipt here and there with hundreds of dollars of items on them that you purchased for your client? If you loose the receipt, you lose the reimbursement. Investing in a Mac CRM app that can help you organize and safely store those receipts means not only eliminating money lost from a lost receipt, but hours saved of adding up piles and piles of crumpled receipts later.

3. Photography
Whether you photograph landscapes, business portraits, weddings or family photos, building strong relationships with your clients is how you get return business. And we all know that it’s cheaper to retain existing clients than to work to gain new ones. Implementing a Mac CRM means implementing the tools you need to nurture those relationships. For example, you photograph a couple’s engagement photos. You enter notes about the session, what their dog’s name is and what their plans are for the future. When they call back 2 years later, they can’t wait to have you photograph their family pregnancy photos. You check back on your notes and are able to refresh your memory on what their personalities are like, what they are looking for in their photos, ask if they want Scruffy the dog to pose in the photos, or Midnight the cat. Having that personal experience is what keeps clients coming back. Much like a doctor follows the journey of their patients as they grow older and go through different life stages, a photographer does the same thing if they choose to maintain and grow in their relationships with their clients.

4. Marketing and Website Design
For those in the marketing field, client relationships are often times very long term. You start by helping your client get setup with a website and give them some basic guidance. Next, they are contacting you to improve their SEO and help them start a blog. Before you know it, you are designing their materials for their trade show each year and making regular updates to their website. Having a Mac CRM that can grow as your company grows and continues to fulfill all of your needs is so important.

Invoicing is another important tool that is needed for marketing professionals. When an invoicing program is cumbersome, we tend to procrastinate on invoicing our clients. Having a simple-to-use invoicing tool to make it quick and easy to send out invoices to clients means you get paid faster. Gro CRM is so simple to use, and includes great tools to help you manage your accounts receivable.

5. Real Estate
More than most industries, real estate agents talk to more clients on a daily basis than most of us could even dream of. They have a lot to keep track of! And for many home buyers and sellers, they are going through a big life decision with their realtor and develop a close bond with them. We are all human and we can only fit so much information into our brains. Implementing a Mac CRM like Gro CRM means realtors have a place to put all those important, intimate details about their clients.

In addition to relationship management, realtors are in the business of matching buyers and sellers. Important features such as tags in Gro CRM allows users to filter through their contacts quickly by searching by the tag(s) they had setup and assigned to them prior. The more connections they make between buyers and sellers means more homes sold.

6. Health and Wellness
The health and wellness field is all about a client’s journey. Understanding what they are capable of what their limits are. Whether you are a dietary coach, a personal trainer or general health coach, keeping good records of your client’s information is extremely important. It’s absolutely critical that you have a reliable Mac CRM to store these important details. You need a Mac CRM that is mobile and has the flexibility to keep track of all of your client’s data.

Security is another important factor in the health and wellness field. Very personal details of your clients is stored in your Mac CRM, details that need to be stored at the highest level of security. Gro CRM uses only AES-256 encryption to protect your data, the same level of encryption used by the National Security Agency (NSA) to protect information at a “Top Secret” level. We also monitor and encrypt your data at all times, which ensures your data's security as it's delivered to your devices. I’d say that’s pretty secure!

7. Home-Based Sales
The world of home-based businesses has skyrocketed. It seems everyone we know is selling something! From skin care and makeup, to jewelry, handbags, and health shakes, home-based businesses are everywhere. Of course they sell you on the dream, that you can quit your full time job and be successful selling from home. The dream is real, but only for those that really apply themselves.

The difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that don’t is treating it like a real business. It takes money to make money and you need to invest in the tools that will help you grow. Investing in a Mac CRM to keep track of your clients is key to growth. You need to build strong relationships with your clients to earn their trust and business for years to come. Repeat business from a growing client base is what will allow you to realize the dream of quitting your day job. Invest wisely. Invest in Gro CRM.

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