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5 Reasons your Sales Reps do not want to use a CRM (But Should)!

Feb 28, 2017 By Ammy Jansen


Have you been fighting your sales reps for years to use a CRM so that you, as the manager, can actually know what’s going on and see what’s in the pipeline? User adoption can be tough, but understanding why can help you to find success in CRM implementation.

1. It’s too complex
Nobody likes to learn complex systems and sales people would rather spend their time selling. If it takes more time and effort to use the technology than to do it their own way, they simply won’t use it.

A CRM should be user-friendly. Period. If it’s not, throw it out the window and keep looking.

2. They don’t like sharing
We were all taught in kindergarten to share with our friends. Although this is still a great practice, it’s a little different in the selling world. Independent sales reps don’t like to share their leads for fear of losing the sale to someone else. It’s how they make their money, so they are protective of the information!

A CRM should allow flexibility for sales reps to keep their prospect and client data private from each other. Of course a manager should still be able to monitor the data, but keeping it private between the sales reps is important.

3. Past failures are haunting them
Remember that time the head honcho thought implementing a 97-point checklist for everyone to use everyday that took up 2 hours a day was a good idea? And didn’t ask anyone about it before throwing it out there? Yeah. We all remember and we are all forever haunted by that nightmare.

Don’t leave your team out of important decisions. If you are searching for a CRM, ask them what tools they are looking for to be more efficient. What sales tools are they missing? A CRM should fit your entire team, not just the manager that’s doing the research.

4. They Hate Change
Can you blame them? Change can be scary, change can be annoying, but change can also mean more sales! If your team is reluctant to using a new (or any) CRM, you need to set an example. Most of us really hate change and if the boss isn’t doing it, you better believe your team isn’t going to do it either.

As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Or at least be the change you want to see in your sales team...

5. It doesn’t help them sell
This one’s pretty simple. If a CRM doesn’t help a sales person sell, they will certainly do everything they can to NOT use it.

A CRM should have the flexibility to conform to your company’s sales process. It should have good customer management, followup tools and pipeline tracking. It should be intuitive and efficient to use. Sales people want to save as much time as possible with the “paperwork” so that they can spend more time out selling and making money.

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