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5 reasons a mobile Mac CRM solution can replace your deskop for selling

Feb 09, 2017 By Ammy Jansen


The iPad Pro is quickly replacing the desktop for many reasons. And now that there are powerful Mac CRM’s like Gro CRM available, it might be time to just throw out your old desktop altogether! Here’s why we are loving using our Mac CRM on an iPad Pro versus the desktop.

1. The keyboard
Apple’s Smart Keyboard in many ways is a lot better than the original desktop keyboard. A favorite feature that doesn’t directly have anything to do with selling is that it’s made of a single sheet of fabric. That means there are no gaps between keys to trap crumbs or coffee. For many of us out there, that’s actually a pretty incredible and much needed feature!

The shortcuts are another great feature, allowing you access to a variety of useful QuickType features. More doing, less typing is always a plus! And when you don’t need the keyboard at all, just remove it!

2.The processor provides desktop-class performance
The iPad Pro actually performs higher than the MacBook Core m3. That’s unheard of on a mobile device! Equally as great is the battery life. It’s an entire hour longer than the MacBook on video playback. That’s 2 1/2 episodes of Big Bang Theory! Speed, power and battery life are key when working in a busy, fast paced life!

3. More real-estate
The iPad Pro’s display area is 20% larger than the MacBook. Besides size, the display quality is superb. Text appears as though it is on printed paper and the images are vibrant in color and crystal clear.

4 The powerful mobile apps
Mobile apps used to be lacking in power compared to desktop apps. Now, they’ve gained momentum and strength and you can do more than ever before. Check out Gro CRM for example. It’s so powerful it doesn’t even need or have a desktop. It’s an entirely full-featured CRM and ERP app that works on any iOS device. Going mobile is the way of the future. You might as well get on board now and get used to it!

5. Its mobility
We all love our iPhones because of how mobile they are. Although Apple’s MacBooks and MacBook Airs keep getting lighter and lighter, they are not at the same level of mobility. The iPad Pro is like a giant iPhone, providing the same mobility (minus the ability to store it in your back pocket).

If you are ready for a technology update to run your business, go to your local Apple Store and check out the iPad Pro. You may discover it’s everything you’ve been wanting to replace your desktop.

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