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4 Reasons Why a Mobile iOS CRM Helps You build Sales

Feb 07, 2017 By Sophia Maes


1. The BYO Effect
Most of us are going to have our personal cell phones on us all the time, so the idea of BYO (Bring Your Own) device to work has proven to make a positive impact on our sales. So why would this be? There’s a number of reasons.

First, if you have to carry around 2 devices (one for business and one for personal) there’s a good chance you are going to leave the business one in your car or at the office at the end of the day. So, the day you left the office 15 minutes early before you headed out for vacation and forgot your ‘work’ phone on your desk, the big whale you’ve been chasing for months calls your work phone and leaves you a message saying they are ready to close the deal. You missed it and don’t return to the office for a week. That big whale? He swam off to the competitor.

Secondly, there’s the efficiency factor. Our personal and business lives blend together these days. An email sent off to a potential client might be followed up with a quick text message to our spouse about dinner plans, then a phone call from our boss and then checking a Snapchat from our kid. Maintaining a single device keeps us in constant connection and is so much less to keep track of.

2. The ‘It Does Everything You Need’ Effect
Having a CRM on your iPhone or iPad transforms your mobile device into the most powerful tool on the planet. It does everything! You can make phone calls, send emails, sent text messages, update your status on Facebook, order dinner, pay for parking, track down your kids, deposit a check in your bank account, check-in for a flight, play music, watch movies, read the news, monitor your health, take a photo of your delicious lunch, schedule an Uber, pay for your coffee, turn on your house lights, start your car, AND manage your business! It really does everything!

When you can meet someone in line for coffee that finds out what you do and says, “Hey, you should call me next week. I’d be interested in your services.” and then you can add a followup call to your CRM, that’s pretty darn amazing. If you couldn’t add it to your CRM from your mobile iOS device, you may have forgotten to write it down by the time you got back to the office. Having an iOS device that is equipped with everything you need, you become an unstoppable sales and deal-making machine.

3. The ’Pay Now’ Effect
Have you ever gone into a store, found a product you really really wanted to buy and asked a salesperson to help you bring it up front, only to find out you will need to wait 15 minutes for them to get a ladder, then take it down for you, haul it up front, and then wait in line another 10 minutes to actually pay for the item? Yeah, and how many times have you changed your mind about the purchase by the time you realized what a big hassle it would be to purchase it?

Enter the ‘Pay Now’ Effect. Being able to make the sale, and complete the sale with the client’s credit card immediately from your mobile device gives your consumer little time to retract his/her decision to purchase. Make sure your CRM allows you to generate an invoice and take payments, all from your mobile device.

4. The ‘No More Missed Followups’ Effect
Not having a CRM on your mobile iOS means you don’t always have your CRM on you. And when you don’t have your CRM on you that shows the followups with hot leads you were supposed to make the day you called in because your kid is sick, you might miss a huge opportunity. Make sure you not only have a mobile CRM, but a mobile CRM that does everything you need such as track followups and hot deals.

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