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4 Benefits of iPads, iPhones and Apple for Small Business and Start-Ups

Feb 22, 2017 By Scott Smith


Small businesses and startups that implement Apple devices into their offices are finding a serious decrease in IT challenges and costs and an increase in productivity. Learn 4 of our favorite benefits of using iPads, iPhones and Apple for business.

1. Doing more with a system you know
Many of us grew up using Macs (and now iPads) in school, so using Apple products for business only seems natural. And for those that didn’t grow up on Apple devices, Apple took great pride in creating products that were extremely intuitive and easy to use. They studied how our brains work and what would be the most natural way to complete tasks on our devices.

Besides having the advantage of knowing how to use Apple devices, there’s the advantage of being able to do so much more. The App Store and iTunes App Store are loaded with thousands and thousands of apps. Check out Gro CRM for example. It’s designed exclusively for the Mac user so it’s going to feel familiar even at first glance. It’s a full functioning customer relationship management tool to run your business from your iPhone and iPad. Small businesses can run their entire business now from the iPad or iPhone!

2. The cloud
The cloud is such a beautiful thing. iCloud drive allows you to share documents live, and in the cloud. iCloud backup automatically backs up your device into the cloud. It’s incredible really, how simple and seamless the cloud makes our lives.

The cloud also improves collaboration. Not only with file sharing, but with programs such as FaceTime for business meetings. The wi-fi hot spot feature is another big feature that I often wonder how we used to live without. Having the ability to jump onto wi-fi from almost anywhere in the world by simply turning a switch on on your phone is perfection. You can literally close a $10 million dollar deal while sitting in your bathing suit on a beach in Florida.

3. Better presentations
Everyone likes looking good. When you can rock a presentation with some killer visuals that make you look like a pro, you are going to feel more confident and perform better, and you are going to gain respect from the boss. The iPhone, iPad and Mac all come with some amazing apps, already pre dowloaded to your computer or device. Even the most novice of users can look like a professional with Apple’s Keynote templates and other great tools.

These apps couldn’t be easier to use and they are practically fool-proof in making you look nothing but short of amazing. Shhhh, no need to give the secret away that it was a simple app you used on your device. It’s ok to take the credit once in a while!

4. Better security
The Mac and OS and offer more security, built into the device, than any other company can offer. The reason? Apple controls everything. They planned it that way and it’s genius, really.

Apple’s control over what apps are listed on the App Store and iTunes App Store makes it far more difficult for hackers to target its users, as they are unable to sneak Trojanised applications into its iTunes store. The method has proven very effective, and the platform has earned the title of being the most secure on the market.

Android, on the other hand, takes an open approach allowing developers to load whatever software and apps they’d like onto the Google Play store. The result? A serious security pandemic of Trojanised apps made by criminals.

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